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Ankle & Knee Socks (Pack of 2)

Ankle & Knee Socks (Pack of 2)

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KUE Ankle Length Sports Performance Socks are perfect for all sports, from running and cycling to hiking and working out at the gym, as well as for daily use by professionals who are at their desk or on their feet for long hours. They are the perfect blend of comfort and performance, providing excellent support to the ankle, heel, and arch of the foot while reducing postural fatigue and foot swelling.


  • Suitable for sports, running, cycling, trailing, gym, workout and daily use.
  • They are the perfect blend of comfort and performance.
  • They provide excellent support to Ankle, Heels and Foot Arch.
  • They reduce foot postural fatigue and swelling.


KUE graduated compression socks are perfect for athletes, those who are on their feet all day, or for medical use. These socks are designed to apply gentle pressure to improve blood flow in the legs, reducing muscle vibrations, soreness, cramps and leg fatigue. They are recommended by trainers for sports, running, cycling, gym and workout routines, and by doctors for conditions like varicose veins, DVT, leg edema and spider veins. They are also suitable for frequent fliers, pregnant and nursing mothers, and the elderly.


  • Clinically Tested Provide mild pressure and a snug fit
  • Enhance Blood Flow in the legs
  • This reduces muscle vibrations, soreness, cramps and leg fatigue.
  • Recommended by Trainers for Sports, Running, Cycling, Gym, Training and Workout
  • Recommended by doctors for Varicose Veins, DVT, Leg Edema, Spider veins and by trainers for recovery post high endurance activitieS.
  • Suitable for frequent fliers, pregnant / nurturing mothers and elderly.




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