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KUE compression products provide a snug fit to enhance your performance while you're active.

Compression products are known to increase blood flow and oxygenation to your muscles, so you can stay active for longer.


  • Anatomical Design

    Conforms to left and right structure of the foot enhancing fit and reducing blisters.

  • Gradual Targeted Compression

    Where you need the most for superior fit and support.

  • High Density Knit

    Best in segment Needle count of creates a construction that is soft and durable.

About Kues

At KUE, our goal is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.We strive to achieve this by building products that combine technology, science, and design, backed by experts in the medical and fitness industry. We are committed to bringing you premium products to give a boost to your daily activities and accelerate recovery! At KUE we make smart wearables.

  • " The compression socks have been immensely helpful in reducing pain the calves and ankles. "

    Rajesh Shah

  • " These are perfect to use for daily wear, I got the grey pair first & followed it with the black pair for my office use. "

    Mahesh Karad

  • " Really good quality compression socks, it has helped with my vericose veinsm "

    Sheela Sharma

  • " I have been using these to office for a few weeks now. These are very comfortable for my feet and help me with long hours "

    Rakesh Tripathi

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