Compression socks are a great investment for the marathon runner. Don’t let your legs slow you down.

Compression socks are a great investment for the marathon runner. Don’t let your legs slow you down.

Hey runners, you may invariably have been training to improve or maintain your pace and speed through the entire distance of the run.

To push at a consistent pace for a longer distance, your body requires you to be efficient with the supply of oxygen that it has. Since the body only has a fixed volume of oxygen flowing through it, the less oxygen you use to maintain a certain speed, the more force your body will be able to produce and sustain it for a longer distance. This is also known as running economy.

While you are training to be a lighter, faster runner with proper, regular training and a good technique, graduated compression stocking are an add-on to help boost your endurance performance and for quicker recovery. They enhance oxygen supply to your legs, improving blood circulation, decreasing inflammation, and reducing muscle fatigue while also protecting you from injuries.

Before we dive into how graduated compression stocking might be the key for you to unlock your potential in running, let’s first understand what some of the other variables are that not only impede the speed but also the endurance amongst long distance runners.

  1. Feet blisters are one of the most common problems which occur due to the increased friction between the skin and the socks and shoes. A study found that 34% of the runners experienced blisters after day 1 of running, 54% after day 2, 72% after day 3 and a whooping 76% after day 4 of the 182km marathon! With blisters getting more and more painful with each day.

  2. Aching legs after the run due to sore muscles and overexertion, also known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), has been found to have a negative influence on the stride length as it reduces the meters per stride.

  3. Stress fracture, which can occur anywhere in the foot, again due to overexertion, which accounts for 15-20% of all musculoskeletal injuries. Stress fractures can often get very frustrating for regular runners since it can take a long time to heal and hence disturb their regular training.

  4. Other injuries such as Plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, foot sores, Achilles Tendinitis etc.

Graduated Compression Socks can greatly benefit you by

  1. Alleviating discomfort from sore calves or injuries during and the run: Graduated compression exerts pressure on the veins which allow for better blood flow to and from the heart. This allows for faster flow of the blood to the muscle area for faster recovery. It also similarly helps with any fluid buildup resulting in edema.
  2. Reducing vibrations in the leg and mitigating micro damage in the calf muscles: Since compression socks apply constant pressure on the muscles, it restricts unwanted movement of certain muscle groups which helps in avoiding potential damage to the muscle group and in increasing the endurance.
  3. Improving ground contact time, step frequency, step length and swing time: As compression socks restrict the unwanted movement of the leg, it increases the efficiency of the complete muscular movement during running.
  4. Reduces the wind drag when in motion: Some compression socks are designed by incorporating the aspect of aerodynamics. The aerodynamic design helps in improving the running economy by reducing the wind drag when in motion. This gives an edge to the athlete.
  5. Temperature Modulation: The combination of materials used in compression socks coupled with the tight fit to the skin provides temperature modulation to suit the climate, keeping you comfortable during winters and summers.
  6. Relief from injuries: Compression stocking help from injuries such as Blisters, Plantar fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis too! Compression socks generally have arch support and added pressure in certain target areas of the foot which reduces the risk of facing such injuries and provides relief if suffering from such injuries. It reduces swelling and cramps which may arise due to such injuries. Compression socks may also moisture wicking fabric which prevent blisters.

While there are many brands out there that address some of these issues, KUE Compression Socks combine all these essential attributes in one sock to augment the performance of an athlete.

  1. The graduated compression stocking applies a mild pressure as per medical grade between 18-21 mmHg.

  2. The combination of polyamide and spandex allows breathability, moisture wicking property and ease of ease of wearability.

  3. The ergonomic design of the socks provides the athlete with the much-required stability and support on the areas of the leg which allows them to run effortlessly for longer duration and prevent injuries such as Achilles’ tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

If you are looking for a boost in your endurance and enhance the running economy with an extra push to improve your pace and speed, while also helping prevent injuries during the run and improve recovery post the run.

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