Compression Socks: The Secret to Healthy Legs for People Who Stand or Sit for Long Periods

Compression Socks: The Secret to Healthy Legs for People Who Stand or Sit for Long Periods

If your job requires you to stand or sit for more than 4 hours, we are certain you may have experienced some form of discomfort, but did you know there are other issues which you need to be aware of too? Let’s dive into some of those issues and key remedies for the same.

In a case study it was found that 83.4% people while standing and 59.4% people  while sitting experience leg swelling, leg pain, leg ulcers etc. These problems primarily stem from excess load experienced by the veins to circulate the blood efficiently. The blood in your legs needs to work against gravity to move up to the heart, so it can get oxygenated and deoxygenated. The primary agents involved in this process are calf muscles and veins. When you are in motion, the calf muscles provide a pumping action to assist with the blood flow against the gravity but when you sit or stand for prolonged period all the blood flow responsibilities fall to the veins and with increased pressure, veins tend to dilate and struggle to circulate the blood effectively resulting in swelling and leg pain.

Another issue frequently experienced by standing and sitting for long duration is fatigue and discomfort. Standing for long duration can often disrupt muscle fiber membrane due to static and dynamic loading, this results in tissue damage and causes leg fatigue. Occupational fatigue also results in poor posture which over time accrues to impact lifestyle adversely and leads to problems such as lower back pain, joint pains etc.

Let’s look at some solutions to combat these problems. Firstly, avoid standing or sitting continuously for more than an hour, but if the job requires you to stand for more than 1-2 hours, standing on a softer surface as opposed to harder surfaces has shown to mitigate the problems. When sitting for longer durations, you can get up and stretch and walk around regularly and maintain the posture when seated. A mini stool can be used as well to keep your feet elevated from time to time and in motion.

Apart from these, the most widely recommended solution is Compression Stocking. The health benefits of Compression Stocking on edema are backed by case studies and doctors worldwide. Compression socks are not only meant for athletes and active lifestyles but also for people with sedentary job roles as they serve similar purposes.

The graduated pressure applied by the compression stocking offers support to the veins to circulate the blood much more effectively, reducing the risk of Chronic Venous Disorders (CVDs). This in turn also reduces the stress on veins and heart which otherwise would have to withstand the pressure to carry the blood up against gravity.

KUE Compression socks are the leading compression socks in the market providing remedial and cushioning effects to the legs. The benefits range from:

  1. Clinically calibrated pressure application graduating from 21mmHg to 30mmHg. This pressure range perfectly allows your blood to circulate through your legs and prevents cramps, soreness, pain and fatigue.

  2. Ergonomic design and arch support aid when standing, resulting in better posture and makes standing for longer hours effortless.

  3. The KUE compression fabric is soft and porous, giving you the snug fit you require for the duration of your wear and its porous architecture provides breathability to the skin making it a comfortable wear for summers and winters.

If you are looking to make your work and travel life much more comfortable, enjoyable, and healthy, head over to our website and check out the premium compression socks that meets your needs and desires.

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